Travis Bishop’s Musical Journey

Introducing Travis Bishop

Hey Ladies and Gents, allow me to introduce Travis Bishop. Travis was born and raised in the Blue Grass State of Kentucky. Kentucky not only gives the world the Derby but has brought this artist and his jingle for all of us to enjoy. This artist’s goal is to maintain traditional country music alive with heartfelt lyrics that contain soul while taking listeners back to yesteryear in the beat of the ’80s and ’90s.

Bishop brings to the musical arena his passion and years of experience from the former group Nashville Nobodies where he performed at different Bars owned by TC Restaurant Group. He even has experience in Nashville’s own Broadway and is no stranger to the Honky Tonk Scene. While on his musical journey he at times found himself placing music on the backburner and taken on several jobs to include serving in the army.

Travis Bishop's Musical Journey

Future Plans

Travis’ future plans include hitting the wild blue yonder in an RV while having the ability to perform wherever he goes. He also hopes to be able to establish a circle of bands that share his preferred genre consisting of the ’80s and ’90s. This musician’s future plans are anything but boring.

In late 2013 Travis Bishop moved to Nashville Tennessee with the intention of pursuing music full-time. Currently, he has expanded his horizon to the Sunshine State of Florida for six months seeking fresh and exciting new avenues for his career. As for me, I am eager to see what great beat comes out of Mr. Bishop in Sunny South Florida.

Travis Bishop's Musical Journey

Passion and Hobbies

Travis Bishop discovered his passion for the music industry as a youngster. His fondest moments, he recalled, are of him with his mother on road trips listening to the radio and having a great time. He knew then that music would be the center of his life; thus, his love for country music began once his mother introduced him to it. At the age of eight, Travis developed a love for writing songs. Travis Bishop learned how to play the guitar at 15. Teenage Travisj often took his guitar to school and played between classes.

The artists’ hobbies include a love for photography, writing scripts, creating, and constructively watching tv. He also likes to scout out local breweries and bars. Bishops’ goals include creating and directing a television show. This country boy never has a dull moment.

More Interests

Currently, Travis has a Facebook page named Troubadour travelogues where he intends to share all of his music, food, beer, and travel finds from around the road. It is his goal to allow fans to become more involved with the details of his musical endeavors. Bishop encourages all aspiring musicians to create music that comes from the heart and means something rather than just compiling music that fits into a trend.  

Travis Bishop's Musical Journey

Take a listen to Travis Bishop and I am sure you will like what you hear just as I do. In the meantime, let’s encourage this musician and follow him on his Facebook. I know you all would like to know his happenings and never know when he may be in your area or his RV driving next to you with a great beat going by.

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