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Get To Know Up And Coming Cort Carpenter

I am going to start this post by saying if you have not heard the latest single “Ex Em” by Cort Carpenter, stop right now, put everything down and go check it out this second. His name will soon be on every country station. I’m getting way too excited here, let me back pedal a little and introduce Cort Carpenter. I had the pleasure of meeting him and just want to tell the world what an incredible artist and nice guy he is.

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Cort Carpenter Ex' Em Artwork

Cort is 32 years old, was born and raised in the beautiful Washington State, and relocated for a time to California. He is married to the love of his life Kelly and will be celebrating their blissful 5 year anniversary this May. Both Cort and Kelly call the Music City their home as they moved to Nashville 7 years ago.

Young Cort was first a fan of 60’s music and at the age of 11 gained a passion for country music thanks to a friend and tournament basketball team mate. Recently Cort worked with Dee Jay Silver ‘country music’s biggest DJ’ and was the featured singer on the track called ‘Safe Zone’. As far as other collaborations go, when asked, Cort mentioned he would love to duet with Jason Aldean and Blake Shelton. Carpenter has real talent and to be honest that is a real possibility. He’s already covered several of their songs.

Apart from this musician’s musical talent, he is also a skillful baseball player. He really enjoys watching sports, movies and going to the gym. What’s most amazing about Cort’s story is how he overcame stage freight at the age of 21 by competing at open mics and karaoke bars.

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Cort Carpenter’s parents were his strong tower in life and as they guided him into this new era in his life as a country singer. It gave me great joy to hear him speak so beautifully about his parents. They definitely did a great job always encouraging, supporting and molding him to the man he is now.

Now that you know more about Carpenter, let’s talk tour dates. Cort will be beginning his 2019 Electricity Tour in March around the Country (check below for more tour information). Of course you will definitely catch me at one of those concerts. Also, get ready because his new single also titled “Electricity” should be released in March. Counting down yet?

Cort Carpenter

Cort Carpenter was super nice to speak to and get to know. I asked him if he would have any advice for current and new fans and his response was “I try to always tell my fans that I’m always very grateful for their support, which has been behind me so far”. To the new fans he says, “Give my music a chance.”

So let’s stream those songs and make some noise and get him on that radio!

Cort Carpenter

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