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Being a Native Floridian and living here my entire life I can attest to the fact that Miami, Florida is one of those places you love and hate at the same time. If you are considering a move to this Sunny part of the  US, you just may want to read on. Yes we love it but oh we hate it also. Here are 10 reasons why…

Beaches – Ahh the warm sunny days and the ocean breeze, how nice it is to live in Miami. Well yes we have the sunny days and the beaches. But those beaches for the most part, are super congested, frequently too hot to even go and often times people leave stuff all over the sand and honestly most Miami people seldom even go. It’s one thing to come on vacation and another to live here and so much traffic.

Colleges and Universities – Oh yes we have Florida International University, University of Miami and Miami-Dade College to name a few and lots of programs for financial aid. Don’t hold your breath though thinking that a $50,000 Bachelor’s Degree will be any guarantee of securing a job. The job market here is lousy. The population is great and if you do get a job odds are that the salary is usually not worth getting out of bed to get to a job that will pay what a high school student would get. Most working people travel at least an hour in that oh so wonderful traffic.

Cost of Living – If you are planning on renting a condo, rentals usually begin around $1,600.00 minimum. A modest smaller home is starting at about $300k which usually requires some work. Otherwise, if you have a good source of income, remote work, or retired and don’t mind being in traffic then welcome to Miami. Otherwise prepare yourself.

Single family home starting at the low $400k’s

Diversity – Diversity is great and we are definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to diversity. We love having parties, eating out and going to sporting events but the traffic is insane.

Surprise surprise, more traffic

Expressways – Yes we have connections to go anywhere in town but have plenty of snacks, get familiar with the people on the next lane of your daily commute and have a nice playlist on your phone while you are stuck in traffic.

Food – We have absolutely great food, pretty much anything you want to eat is available most anywhere in Miami. For the most part most restaurants are open late, if not 24 hours. Don’t forget to space your meal time adequately because it may take you a bit to get to the restaurant of your liking due to the traffic.

Odd – You know those funny memes and jokes you hear in regards to the weird things in FL? Yep it’s usually true. We definitely like to be in the lead of everything we do. Sometimes though the things you may see while you are stuck in the streets can be humorous.

No windows, no problem.

Partner – If you are a man you wont have much problems finding single women. However, for the most part If you are a woman and are thinking of moving to Miami with the hopes of finding a serious special someone may I suggest you look elsewhere. All that traffic will not be worth your while.

South Beach Party life – If you are into that kind of thing, I suppose you may enjoy it. Honestly though, that scene is not for me and too often fights break out and of course, lets not forget the traffic.

Weather – Not cold too often, usually hot, sometimes actually very nice but when its 69 degrees or below, rest assured that boots and coats come out and people will be bundled up in their cars as they are stalled in the traffic.

Other than that, if you’re alright with these things, you will probably love it here and might have just found a new home.

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