Max King, A Man with A King-Sized Future

About Max

I am so excited to introduce Max King, otherwise known as Max King and the Boys Round Here. He is a talented young artist with a bright growing musical career ahead. Originally born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.  

What originally started as a means to impress girls at the early age of twelve has led Max to a very promising musical career. He confessed at the time he wasn’t fully trained to play and never intended to be seriously involved in a band. What started out as a childish hobby has led Max to the career path of his dreams.

Max King and the Boys Round Here

During the earlier days, Max King started playing a lot of covers but now plays his own music and recently started writing his own music. Together with his band mates, Max writes the songs they perform giving it a more personalized feel. When performing in gigs he mentioned that he does so with his full band. King is very appreciative to his band members and acknowledged their hard work.

With a band name of the Boys Round Here, listeners can tell that these young men have a fun personality and sense of humor. Mr. King went on to acknowledge that he is very thankful for the opportunity to perform. Pssh, girls I’ll let you in on a little secret, he’s currently single.


In his spare time, he enjoys football. He loves football so much that all throughout high school Max played football and was even offered to play for several small colleges but his heart led him down the musical path. The teams of his choice are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Georgia’s team the Bulldogs (“Go Dawgs!”). 

When I asked the artist what his biggest goal is, he stated the most important thing for him is to remain accessible to his fans. He also said he would always remember his beginnings and to stay grounded. Max attributed all of his success to his father which is his inspiration.

A Little Backround

Max’s father also had a musical hobby. Even though Max King went through a stage where he only played pop music, it wasn’t long before he outgrew that genre and began to play the music of his roots which is country music. He said the beautiful thing about country music is that it tells a story. 

Max hopes to one day work with artists such as Steve Moakler who has opened for Tim McGraw and has even written songs for many famous artists including Dierks Bentley. Steve Moakler is definitely someone Max admires. He also hopes to work with artist who carry the same musical energy such as Florida Georgia line, Morgan Wallen and Toby Keith. 


He would like fans to know that “Life can change quickly, and that anyone can change the course of their life by putting in work to reach their desired outcome”.  As well, “one should never be afraid to ask for help” and also “it’s very important never to give up on your dreams and follow  the direction that your heart is leading you in.” Currently, Max is majoring in Music Business in the University of Belmont located in Nashville.

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