Matt Stell leaning against a wall

Matt Stell, A Man With A Stellar Voice

A few months ago I came across the song “Prayed for you” on Apple Music. At first I did not know anything about the singer and had never heard the song before. Because of the lyrics and the passion in the song, I fell in love with it after hearing just half of it. Fast forward to now, I actually had a chance to meet the singer and had a conversation with him. Embarrassingly enough when I first came in contact with Matt Stell I didn’t connect him with his single until I went to YouTube. I definitely w’on’t forget again!

“Prayed for you”

Once connected with Stell, I knew without a doubt that he was someone I would love to include on my blog. Arkansas born and Florida raised, Matt now resides in the heart of Nashville. Nashville is surely fortunate to have this talented artist in its midst.

Matt Stell leaning against a wall

Trust me and go check out his vocals! His acoustic performance took me by surprise, you have to hear his voice, go ahead, I’ll wait. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for music that carries meaning and soul then you need to check out Matt Stell. Stell is truly a man with unprecedented music abilities!

“Prayed for you” acoustic version

He has been driven by a passion for music since a young age. He confessed he used to think everybody had the same deep love for music. Apart from his incredibly talented voice, he writes, plays the guitar, sometimes you’ll even see him with a harmonica around his neck and he is not just constricted to a single genre of music. Not only does he write from his own personal experiences but also writes music that relate to what others are experiencing. He enjoys golfing, fishing activities. 

His exemplary upbringing can truly be seen in his life. Matt mentioned that his mother has always been his biggest supporter cheering him on throughout his entire life. Stell’s family support has also been keen in getting him to where he is now.

Matt’s biggest dream which he hopes to see become a reality is to be able to sing in none other than Nashville’s “The Grand Ole Opry”.  Let’s all cheer him on and spread the word to make his dream become a reality. His voice is one that needs to be heard by the multitudes.

Stay tuned for Matt’s new releases coming soon. For those who are familiar with his talent, you know his skills are amazing. Those that have never heard his music, you are missing out, go listen as I am sure you will not regret it.

 If you are looking for a perfect wedding song, search no more. “Prayed for you” has heart and it’s the epitome of what a genuine love song should be all about. This song perfectly describes the innocence in love that is often lost. The compilation of the beautiful love story of this song paired with his gifted musical talent makes it the perfect song.

When asked what advice he would like to give to new artists branches out, Matt Stell recommended to never leaving music written halfway. He said always follow through that nothing is worse than starting a song and not finishing it.

I really enjoyed speaking with Matt. He has a great future ahead of him. If you have not already gone and listened to his music, go ahead and do so now.

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