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Not too often we come across someone who we just met and feel like we were instantaneous friends. That was my case with John Rhey and I would like to share a bit about his story. A talented musician indeed with an outstanding friendly personality, he is one who people will really take a liking to and his rhythm is something that will keep you hooked to his music.

John was born and raised in sunny Florida and is the youngest of three children, a brother and sister. His southern roots come from his mother who is from Alabama. Apart from this musical talent, he possesses a college education in communications, publications and advertising. His hobbies include sports, hiking, fishing, camping, white water rafting, mountain biking and is a huge Florida State Fan.

Some people are born with musical talent and this was certainly the case for this musician. Early on in his life, little John started trying to write songs between the ages of five to seven and his gifting grew a bit dormant because at such a young age he felt frustrated. His home had a piano so there was always a spark of interest in him to learn how to play.

Teachers really do have a lasting impression in children and this was certainly the case with John’s 5th grade music teacher. Thanks to that teacher’s ability to teach music at a child’s level and allowing hands on learning to instruments, the passion for music in this boy’s life was reignited. At the time, John made up his mind that he wanted to start a band.

As John’s musical interest and knowledge grew so did his interest in sports. At the age of 13 a competitive friend introduced him to guitar. Typical friendly teenage boys’ competition between basketball now grew to include guitar. When 7th and 8th grade rolled around, guitar was still in the center of this artist’s life but was divided by his love for basketball and began playing in travel basketball and had established his first band. By the time he became a freshman in high school, he felt drained from basketball so his focus grew more towards music; thus, high school talent shows, voice and piano lessons became priority and he started leaning over more to country music then pop thanks to his sister that introduced him to the country genre.

College time was a time when he went head on full force to playing and writing music. During his sophomore and junior year he wrote and played from 30 to 60 songs. It was during his college years that he first played in front of live people and his musical career began. He played in six musical gigs in Florida and in his college campus he established The John Rhey Band. While still in college, trips to Nashville to perform became a reality and he opened up for Chase Bryant, Brothers Osborne and Josh Grayson from American Idol. 

During his senior year in college he contacted a couple of producers and recorded his first EP called “Chilling In The Country”. Two years after college, John was still in Florida and contemplating his future move and that was when he wrote and produced his latest single called “Beach Drive”. Beach Drive was recorded in Nashville by his friend, base player, from Florida Georgia Line with collaboration with some band members from this group. As fate would have it, John was offered a job while he was still living in Florida which transferred to Nashville where he would pursue more musical endeavors.

In addition to playing the guitar, piano and writing songs, he is serious in his relationship with God and lives his life in a way he tries to portray his commitment to Jesus Christ. He is very thankful for his supportive parents who have always been there for him and instilled a firm Christian foundation in his life; as well, to his friends, brother, sister and especially to God. When asked what inspires him, he said, his Christian faith. 

Among artists that have had an impact on his life are John Meyer, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley. Other artists that have had a major impact in his life are Kenny Chesney and John Style which was the music that introduced him to the country genre. Because of these great artists we now have the sounds of music from John Rhey.

Stay tuned as John is in the process of finishing a new music video and putting out new songs soon. In the meantime, if you see him around you may want to stop and say hello. You may just get a glimpse of his infectious joyful personality. Thanks for reading about John Rhey!

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