Drew Putnam – Healing the Body, Touching the Soul

About Drew…

It gives me great joy to introduce the artist I recently met, Drew Putnam.  Drew is one that leaves a lasting impression.  Not only is he a talented musician but is a College Graduate and holds a Registered Nursing License.  He has worked very hard to make a living for himself while also pursuing his musical gifting’s. Drew is no stranger to paying the price. This artist moved to Nashville a few years ago.  He is currently contracted as a Registered Nurse within the Hospital holding overnight hours. Being diligent and always taking notes on his phones for new songs and new idea is something that keeps this artist juggling his musical and professional career. Even though his schedule is very busy, Drew still finds time to play his guitar. Hard dedicated working men like this, make a girl believe that good men are still out there.

Putnam’s musical passion started when he very young. At the age of 3, he was given a plastic guitar and during this very early age he mentioned he created his first song about a dog he had. He attributes his musical interests to his grandmother who was very musical and introduced him to piano and the banjo.

Drew Putnam - Healing the Body, Touching the Soul

More Info…

Drew grew up listening to different genres as his father was more into  country music and his mother into rock. Around the age of 15, Putnam recalls learning how to play electrical guitar. At the age of 22 he started playing rock. Since Drew grew up in Georgia and country was in his soul, he did not see himself pursing rock any further so he decided country was the genre he wanted since it has a depth of more feelings. Although Country is the genre he stayed with, traces of rock still exist in his guitar playing.

During Drew’s college years his passion for football led him to play the sport. The sport unfortunately caused the artist to experience a nasty leg injury.  After he broke his leg, he realized he no longer would be able to pursue football. Since Drew Putnam has his feet fully planted on the ground, he pursued his nursing degree for a full-time consistent career. While always having a love for music, Drew continued playing music on a part-time basis.  Mr. Putnam currently has 1 song released with many expected to be released some time early next year.

Drew Putnam - Healing the Body, Touching the Soul

Advice and Background…

When asked if he had any words he would like to give, Drew said he would never forget where he came from and will always remember his roots.  He greatly acknowledges that who he is today is based very strongly on the wonderful role model of his father in developing his character and instilling the value of hard work and perseverance.  He is also thankful for his personal and musical relationship with his friend Daniel Lieving who apart from a friendship he values greatly, Lavian was a musical mentor who taught him how to play live and how to get his music out into the open.  The artist is also very grateful for the major influences of his great grandparents. If Drew was given the option to duet with someone, he answered it would definitely be the group “Alabama” which was his favorite band growing up.

One of Drew’s favorite past times is one that his Great-grandpa taught him when he was young and he still enjoys to this day is making jewelry such as bracelets.  As a youngster, Drew’s grandpa taught him how to make exquisite belt buckles. While he no longer has the equipment to make the buckles, he does have some material which he uses to make jewelry. His other hobbies include watching football, hunting, fishing and traveling. Drew is very gifted and is a man of many talents.

Accomplishments and Goals…

Join me in congratulating Drew on one of his biggest accomplishments which happens to be a new baby girl that is on the way.  He is very excited to be a new father and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his little treasure.   Apart from the joy he is experiencing from the anticipation of his baby girl, he is also very proud of getting through nursing school. 

Putnam’s goals are to establish his family, grow as a songwriter, and for his music career to blossom so he would be able to pursue his music full-time while keeping his medical career on a part-time basis. He also hopes to travel as he expands his musical career worldwide.  For all the fans and readers out there, Drew wants you to know that if there’s something you care about, there is nothing better than hard work, and persistence to making it come to fruition. 

Drew Putnam - Healing the Body, Touching the Soul

“Let’s Hear It for the Boy”

Drew Putnam we applaud you for your commitment, hard work and your pursuit of your musical passion. Keep on in your amazing work while touching the lives of many who need medical care and reaching to souls longing for that special song. Your fans and those yet to meet you and hear your music will definitely be touched.

Keep an eye out for Drew’s new album and for upcoming tour dates. In the meantime, listen to his single and enjoy 😊!

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