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Chris Moreno – From Sales to Singer

Getting to Know Chris Moreno

I am pleased to introduce the new artist Chris Moreno as one that should be listened. For those of you that have already heard his music and testimony, there is no introduction needed. His music speaks volumes of who he is. He is one of the few artists that performs based on true-life experiences with sincerity. Chris is a talented, humble, kind and a friendly soul. He is one artist that I am proud to blog about as I had the pleasure of speaking with him and tapping into a bit of his musical journey and life goals.

Some interesting facts about Moreno include his roots which consist of seventy-five percent Italian while also holding an Irish and French background. Being born and raised in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts, this native has no accent. During leisure time Chris enjoys fitness and travel.

Introduction to Chris Moreno – Photo and all rights belong to Chris Moreno

Talent and Knowledge

This artist possesses a great deal of talent which includes guitar, rhythm and bass, percussion and voice. He has written or co-written all his music. Chris also holds a Degree in Communications. His genre consists of an alternative rock and modern country combo. Moreno is currently independent but has collaborations with some songwriters and booking agents.

After holding a career in the sales industry for roughly ten years, it wasn’t until the last three or four years that he began to fully dive into achieving the musical endeavors he set before himself. His original idea was to work part-time in sales and pursue music in his spare time. Little did he know that there would be so much success that his talents and passion would develop into what would be a full-time career. 

Life Facts

Chris has now resided in Tennessee for the past year and is very happy that his career transitioned into the stage. The singer’s long-term plans consist of continual work in the musical arena. Although he has taken a significant pay cut from his previous career, Chris Moreno feels very fulfilled making a living doing the thing which he is most passionate about.

From the young age of eight years old, Chris has always had a love for music. On his tenth birthday, his parents granted his wish for a guitar. Thanks to his parents for allowing him to pursue his interest, his love for the art grew into his adolescence. Moreno’s flame for music grew and he was oftentimes found playing as he was growing up. During High School, Chris participated in several bands which included singing and playing guitar. 

Photo and all rights belong to Chris Moreno

Rebirth of A Dream

While the artist’s musical flame was still in him, as he entered the college years, it became dim.  Sometimes difficult moments lead to great achievements as was the case for Chris. Upon dealing with a difficult break-up, his awakening moment was birthed. He started questioning and searching within himself as to what avenue he desired to pursue for his life. This led him to once again take a dab at music. Chris buckled up and took the bull by the horns so to speak and accomplished a great wealth of musical knowledge in just a few years.

Photo and all rights belong to Chris Moreno

Mark Baxter from Boston, his vocal coach, is someone that he acknowledges to have been very instrumental in developing the talent within him and someone who he is very grateful to. Besides his vocal coach, Mr. Moreno gave praises to family and friends for standing by him as the musical passion in him flourished from the ground up and how he is ever so grateful for all the amazing and support they have provided. His goal is to continue to develop in his musical career while never forgetting those who have stood by him and will always be very grateful for all the opportunities.

Advice and Words of Wisdom

Moreno would like to share some advice, “accomplish your desire by pursuing your passion and working on it, while it is a difficult task it is obtainable”. Great words to live by, not just in the musical arena but in the everyday goals. He also wanted to encourage everyone out there by saying that it is easy to compare yourself to people who are further along in life, but not to do so because “people are a work in progress, simply enjoy the learning process by taking baby steps that could really change the course of life in just a few years through focusing on each step and not being so hard on oneself”.  Another great quote he mentioned was “people overestimate what they can achieve in a day and underestimate what can achieve in a decade”.

He is such a down to earth musician when asked what his greatest achievement has been, he said it was being able to constantly write and release music while continuously going on tours. If you haven’t heard Chris’ music yet go ahead and listen to his work. You most definitely will not be disappointed. 

Photo and all rights belong to Chris Moreno

Now, About His Releases

Photo and all rights belong to Chris Moreno

Chris released his first full-length CD back in 2016, then he released an EP in 2018, along with very catchy single in 2019. Stay tuned for the upcoming new song releasing July 12, 2019. New tour dates are posted constantly so I invite you to frequently check out his site for the latest availability. New fans who have not yet been to one of his concerts will love the artists’ friendly and down to earth disposition. In the meantime, catchy merchandise; as well as his cd’s are now available and will help support Chris’s music endeavors. Let’s help this great guy and take part in his musical journey. (For merchandise click here.)

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