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Casey Derhak – From Country Music to Southern Pop

Casey Derhak known as a country artist is now branching out in a new arena of rhythm while slightly leaving behind his prior country sound. This new musical endeavor places him in the path of southern pop. The road he is on is an exciting one in which he is busy mixing sounds all the while creating his own unique style.

Casey has been living in Nashville for the past 8 years together with his wife Andrea. When asked about his key supporter, Casey attributed all success to Andrea. The rock solid couple has been together for 10 years and she has supported him all the way. It is obvious that he gives her credit not only for where he is now, but also for where he is heading. Join me in congratulating the happy duo as they are expecting their first baby. Their little bundle of joy should be arriving on or before April 21, 2019 and will be a baby girl.

From the beginning, Casey’s life has always been exciting. Even his birth was quite interesting as he was born in an Air Force Base stationed in New Hampshire. He grew up in a very closely knit family which consisted of very supportive parents and an older brother. Listening to the tone in his voice as he spoke expressing gratitude and love for his family, it was very easy to see that this family had indeed provided a great deal of warmth. The artist had all of the necessary elements growing up to contribute to his fabulous childhood. From an early age, he always enjoyed music and baseball. There was never a dull moment for active Casey.

Casey’s family relocated to Florida when he was a child. The guiding factor in the family’s move was based on the extensive year round opportunity available for Casey and his brother to play baseball. This move would prove to be beneficial not only in sports but that in the music arena as well.

Casey formed a band and played for different venues during High School. Once college rolled around he decided to pause his music endeavors for a bit. During freshman year, a college roommate introduced him to the country genre. This stirred him in the direction of writing country music. Just a little taste and immediately a new love for country music was born. It was this new fondness that led him to meet a man that would in turn steer him in the direction of Nashville. He began to travel with this new friend and his music career began to take off.

His original desire was always to play professional baseball. However he experienced several injuries including tearing his hamstring. After college, Casey went to St. Louis to play but his arm had not fully recovered from his injuries and he became very discouraged. Because of several injuries this dream was cut short and prevented him from getting drafted. What was once a hobby now became a career choice. It was at this time, that he decided he would move to Nashville in order to pursue his musical path.

Casey has done a great job in preparing himself for his new transition as a southern pop artist. He has been traveling to New York for 2 years while working with producers who have helped him change his sound through writing and recording. He has also been traveling around and performing in different venues while opening up for various acts.

This artist plays the guitar, piano and writes the music he performs. One of Casey’s definite strength is his ability to make music with his acoustic guitar. Besides his musical talents, he loves nature. His hobbies include spending time outdoors, hiking and exercising.

Casey expresses his kindness even with animals. He is definitely an animal lover. Something he must have picked up from his mother who runs a rescue shelter in Florida for dogs that have been abandoned or neglected. He is very proud of the work his mother is doing. As a matter of fact, he even adopted a dog from a shelter in Nashville. Casey and his wife currently have two pets, a pit-bull and a cat. Their love grows deep even for animals.

Get to know Casey and Andrea Derhak on their vlog. Follow on YouTube for more.

Casey said he is very grateful and appreciative to his fans for being so supportive and is his driving force. He said the messages, support and comments he receives from his fans are very valuable and priceless to him. The advice he would give new artists is based on his favorite quote from Zach Brown Band “It took me 16 years to get my overnight success”.

Casey is happy in this stage of his life and loves to be traveling across the country while performing. He hopes to travel with his wife and baby on his tours. As his baby girl grows up, he also plans on homeschooling her so they can continue to travel together. Congrats to Casey and Andrea for experiencing the journey together in music, as parents and for the future plans of homeschooling.

Casey Derhak currently has 1 EP out that was released in 2016. Southern Pop Volume 1, 2 am song – released 1/29 and album will be released on 4/22. He is also working on his 2nd album and putting out a lot of new music in the coming year. Be on the lookout for Casey’s new albums.

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