Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Ahh.. the Beach at Last..

Miami’s beaches are surely a sight to see. I had not been to the beach for many years even being a Florida resident. Upon visiting the salty waters, once again I was captivated by the crisp clear air and the waves. Memories of my childhood came flooding back as I played with family members and friends of long ago.

The scents of burgers and hot dogs filled the air and catchy tunes were heard blaring over speakers and stereos. From far I saw families enjoying the day out. Many individuals were seen with a book and sunbathing as they took in that good ole vitamin D. Some folks were simply relaxing and enjoying the fresh breeze.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Perfect Day at the Beach

Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park aka El Farito (Cape Florida Lighthouse) was the beach location I chose for the day. It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. It is always nice getting fresh air, doing some fishing, laying low, taking in the sun rays or going for a nice bicycle ride. Always so much to enjoy while on the beach front.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

The water was crystal clear and glistened under the beam of the sunlight. After the crazy chaos of moving, I needed a day just to relax in the outdoors and not be overcome by the hustle and bustle of a Florida day. The fact that the water was great and the temperature was perfect made it an ideal day.

Unto the Trail

While enjoying time in the water and soaking up some sun, I grabbed my phone to put on some of my favorite songs to relax. Snacks are available so of course, I had to indulge in a cold treat. To be honest though, my love of history got the best of me so off I went to explore. One thing that always gets my attention in Bills Baggs State Park is the tall lighthouse that stands watch over the entire park.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Tours are frequently available to anyone interested while on the grounds. I must say the lighthouse is a very pretty landmark but more so it’s interesting to note that it was placed there with a specific purpose. Guests are given the opportunity to enter the lighthouse and walk all 65 flights of stairs. Built in 1825, the monument was used for the protection of sailors from unseen dangerous reefs, harsh weather and served as a beacon of light during the harsh days of the civil war as slaves sought an escape. It was later destroyed during the hurricane of 1835, was reconstructed and still stands there to this day.

Stiltsville – Still Here

In the above video towards the end of the tour, seen by the fishing pier, Stiltsville is located. Stiltsville is an area known for homes composed of wooden stilts and built during the 30’s in the shallow ocean. Modern days there is very few homes still standing due to hurricanes passing by and causing disruption. It is an interesting site to see.

Stiltsville from a distance

There is much to do in any beach in South Florida. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park also known as The Lighthouse Beach in Miami is not the exception. As the day grew late and I had much to accomplish for my move, I was not able to spend much time on the historical trail, barbecuing in one of the spots provided, rent a bike or even spend time fishing so that will be for another day.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park
Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Some say Florida will be underwater one day. While I am not sure how true that is or how long I will be in this state, it is quite nice to know that the beaches are still accessible for a day’s escape. I will hold on to a beach bucket and shovel for now.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

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